On July 8, 2020, the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Kingdom of Belgium, the Uzstandart Agency and the Ministry of Construction held a videoconference with representatives of the European Organization for Standardization (CEN)  Mr. Ashok Ganesh and Eric Marchand.

      During the negotiations, the main attention was paid to the current European standards for the construction industry and their role, the importance of standards in overcoming technical barriers to trade and developing the country's economy, creating high-quality infrastructure in accordance with European and international standards, construction of buildings in accordance with international standards and increasing the capabilities of products on the international market, introducing innovations, technical assistance from the European Union in the area of training.

      It was noted at the meeting that the Uzstandard Agency and the European Organization for Standardization (CEN) signed a cooperation agreement that will provide access to and widespread use of the standards of the European Organization for Standardization (CEN).

      Based on the results of the online dialogue, an agreement was reached on organizing online meetings and large-scale ongoing cooperation with technical experts of the European Organization for Standardization (CEN) on the effective implementation of European standards.



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