Standartization, metrology and certification
agency of Uzbekistan


Fuqarolarning murojaati

The "UZSTANDARD" agency as a national body for standardization, metrology and certification provides means for implementing national policy in the fields of standardization, metrology and conformity assessment, and represents Uzbekistan’s interests within international and regional organizations for standardization

Main duties of the “Uzstandard” agency are:

  • Securing the execution of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On Standardization», «On Metrology», «On  Certification of Products and Services», «On  Technical Regulation» and others legislative and regulatory legal acts in the field of standardization, metrology, certification;
  • Publication, promotion and implementation of national and international standards
  • Supervision over implementation of standards;
  • Carrying out research and develop standardization, metrology and conformity assessment systems;
  • Promote international system of units (S.I) and assure unified system of measurements;
  • Training and development of  skills;
  • Assurance of consumer protection

The basic tasks of organization

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 342 dated October 3, 2002 “On Measures for the Perfection of the Standardization, Metrology, Products and Services Certification System” the main objectives of the “Uzstandard” Agency are as follows:

  • Working out complex measures for the providing of realization and control over the observation of the Republic of Uzbekistan Laws “On Standardization”, “On Metrology”, “On Products and Services Certification”, “On Quality and Safety of the Foodstuffs”  at the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan by all natural persons and business entities irrespective of their kinds of property;
  • Implementation of the unified state policy in the field of standardization, metrology and certification on the basis of the conducted research investigations;
  • Creation of the unified international standards information databases according to the international standards;
  • Working out and adoption at the established order of the new Products and Services List subject to the obligatory certification with its annual updating with regard of the newly appeared kinds of products and services as well as new launched technologies and materials;
  • Elaboration of the new order of the products and services certification and control over its observation;
  • Up-to-date state standards and their models preparation, as well as their compliance with the International systems;
  • Assistance in organization of the branch structures for the homogeneous products’ standards engineering, provision with the scientific and methodical guidance and control over their activity;
  • Organization of the present-day system for the testing operation and certification of the products and services.