Young boxers of Uzbekistan win 9 medals at international tournament

Uzbek boxers have won two gold, one silver and two bronze medals at a world championship in Russia. 

More than 130 sportsmen from over ten countries of the world took part in the tournament. Iqbol Kholdarov from Uzbekistan in the weight category of up to 64 kg took first place. This talented sportsman won a victory over Vazgen Safaryants from Belarus and Russians Bekmurza Ilyasov, Avak Uzlyan and Aleksey Mazur. 

Isroil Madrimov who fought in the weight category of up to 75 kg defeated Viktor Korobkevskiy of Moldova, Vitaliy Bondarenko of Belarus and Aleksandr Agafonov of Russia in the final and won a gold medal. 

Mironshoh Ibrohimov achieved second place in his weight category, and Mirazizbek Mirahalilov and Ulughbek Mubinov were awarded bronze medals.


Young boxers of Uzbekistan won 7 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals at an international tournament in Russia among sportsmen born in 1999-2000 and2001-2002. 

According to information from the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan, more than 70 boxers from Russia, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Belarus, Latvia and others countries participated in the tournament, and Raimjon Azimov, Temurbek Dehkonov, Asomkhoja Muydinkhojayev, Khayrullo Alimatov, Javohir Togaymurodov and Javlonbek and Jahongir Yoldohevs achieved first place in their weight categories. 

Navo Tamazov won a silver medal, and Asadbek Orinboyev won a bronze medal. 

A source: UzA