On the visit of the Director General of the Uzstandard Agency to the Turkish accreditation agency (TURKAK)

In order to give a new impetus to bilateral relations in the sphere of accreditation with Turkey, on April 28 of this year, during the visit to the Republic of Turkey, the Director General of the Uzstandard Agency conducted a conversation with the Secretary General of the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK) - Dr. Ibrahim Halil Çetin.

The Turkish accreditation agency provides a detailed presentation on the spheres and areas of activity of the Turkish accreditation agency, participation in international organizations. The results of the work of the Turkish accreditation agency are recognized throughout the world.

During the negotiations with the Turkish accreditation agency was signed, the Cooperation Program between the Uzstandard Agency and the Turkish accreditation agency for 2017-2019.

An agreement was reached on holding seminars and trainings, raising the level of skills and traineeship of specialists of the Uzstandard Agency system in the Turkish accreditation agency.