On September 16–20 this year, the events of “ISO 2019 Week” will be held in South Africa, in the city of Cape Town, and the 42nd meeting will be held by the General Assembly of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Meetings will include the activities of various ISO technical committees, quality improvement mechanisms for standardization systems in developing countries, sessions and a series of meetings on various standardization themes.

 As part of these events, on September 17, a meeting was held between the Euro-Asian Council for standardization, metrology and certification (EASC) and representatives of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The meeting was attended by ISO President John Walter, Secretary General Sergio Mujica, as well as representatives of Standardization, Metrology of the Euro-Asian Certification Council and disсussed the draft ISO 2030 strategy and the EASC 2030 strategy aimed at introducing international ISO standards in the CIS, radically improving the work of ISO technical committees and CIS technical committees. Representatives of Uzstandard agency also took part in the event.