From the first day the coronavirus infection was detected in Uzbekistan, the government took immediate measures to prevent the spread of the disease, and the Republican Special Commission for the Control of Coronavirus began its work. As a result of timely measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic in the country, many regions were saved from this threat.

In addition to identifying priorities for the health of the population of Uzbekistan, in the course of the current work, a number of practical measures were taken to support the population and sectors,
as well as not allowing the country's economy to deteriorate during the fight against coronavirus, the state provided special benefits to support economic sectors and economic entities.

In order to ensure the practical implementation of these goals and objectives, Uzstandard agency has developed and is implementing systemic measures, in particular:

- Uzstandard Agency and its system organizations have launched online reception
of applications and remote operation during the pandemic; 

- to prevent the spread of dangerous infections COVID-19 and to ensure the convenience of local manufacturers 24 standards for protective clothing and its testing of ASTM International (USA) and  ISO 13982-1: 2004 Protective clothing for use with particulate matter. Part 1. The requirements for the characteristics of chemical protective clothing that protect the entire body from solid particles in the air (type 5 clothing) have been adopted;

- based on the EU standard EN 14683: 2014, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, a state standard for medical masks has been developed and approved;

- free testing of antiseptic gels and detergents was launched for the convenience
of entrepreneurs during the coronavirus pandemic;

- provided practical assistance to 3378 exporting enterprises in solving existing problems in the field of standardization, certification, metrology;

- to develop a healthy lifestyle and social support for the population, free testing of medical infrared thermometers was introduced during this period, and today a total of 20,600 medical infrared thermometers have passed free state metrological tests;

-in accordance with the decision of the next meeting of the Republican Commission on the Crisis in order to ensure sanitary and epidemiological welfare and safety of the population when implementing measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the timing of the consideration of applications by the population and enterprises for checking metering devices for natural gas, electricity, cold and hot water ( household meters) public service centers were extended until September 1 of this year.

- 280 measuring instruments necessary for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disease were metrologically verified based on applications from about 90 organizations.

To improve the work, exchange views on measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic
in international and foreign organizations, online dialogues were held with the International Organization for Standardization, World Bank, GLOBAL GAP, as well as with international certification bodies
 in Romania, Greece, the Netherlands and Singapore .