Literary and artistic gatherings and poetry evenings are being conducted in various regions of Uzbekistan on the occasion of a birth anniversary of great poet Alisher Navoiy. 

An event entitled “Tribute of respect to great poet Navoiy” was held by the Tashkent college of law in cooperation with the administration of the Ghofur Ghulom culture and recreational park. Literary and linguistic scholars, poets and writers, representatives of the culture and art spheres and students attended the event. 

Z.Suyunova, people’s artist of Uzbekistan; N.Temirova, director of the Tashkent college of law; and others said that special attention was paid to restoring the country’s national heritage, to studying the lives and creative works of Uzbek people’s great ancestors such as Alisher Navoiy and Muhammad Bobur, to instilling in the younger generation ideas of humaneness contained in their writings and to bringing them up in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the national values. 

During the event, there was discussion about the role of Alisher Navoiy’s works in the education of young people and the importance of such ideas propagated in them as Eastern reverence and virtue, courage and bravery, loyalty to one’s country and respect for one’s parents and love. 

“In order to study the life of Alisher Navoiy, a great representative of our national literature, and his rich literary heritage, special attention is being paid not only to literature lessons but also to the work of clubs such as `Young artist’, `Fledgling’ and `Stage language and drama’. The more young people learn Navoiy’s great heritage the better. Because good ideas are propagated in this poet’s works, specifically humaneness, fairness, development, friendship between nations, generosity, love, respect for one’s parents and charity, and these are important in raising the morality of young people,” says a student of the college, Manzura Ahmedova. 

Songs with Navoiy lyrics performed during the evening made it even more interesting. Speeches were made about the great poet’s creative works. 

A source: UzA