Today in our country, in strict compliance with the rules of quarantine and sanitation, special attention is paid to the systematic development of exports by running the economy.

Export of agricultural, textile, construction and other types of local products to the world market is becoming a hot topic of the day.Internationally recognized foreign conformity assessment bodies have a special place in the export of this type of product. In order to facilitate the conformity assessment of local manufacturers, a videoconference was held with representatives of the International conformity assessment company “Control Union Certifications” Mr. Udi Gabay, Arne Jansenn, Nader Salakhitdinov and Farkhod Toychiev.

At the event, the parties exchanged views on the conformity assessment of the international company "Control Union Certifications" when exporting products to world markets, the requirements of foreign countries for imported products, CE marking, Global Gap and Organic certificates, creating a joint certification body and testing laboratories, involving experts from Control Union Certifications in bringing them to the international level, train local auditors through the consulting company of  Peterson and Control Union.

At the end of the event, in the first week of August of the current year, it was decided to receive suggestions and recommendations from the Control Union Certifications company in the field of conformity assessment.


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