Bribery is one of the most destructive and complex problems in the world. In order to prevent this problem, the first ISO international standard on combating bribery was developed - ISO 37001: 2016 “Management system for combating bribery. Requirements and guidelines for use” serves to develop an ethically sound business culture today.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) annually conducts a global ISO survey that provides a general view of ISO certification for management systems.

According to the 2018 ISO Global Survey, the total number of valid certifications was less than 2017. The reason is related to the participation of certification bodies and changes in the data provided by the same organizations, which leads to a significant reduction in registered certificates.

According to ISO statistics 2018, 389 certificates were issued for anti-corruption management system certificates. Italy, the Republic of Korea, Mexico, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Malaysia, Brazil, Romania, Polonia are among the ten most leading certified countries. In addition, the most certified industries are pharmaceuticals, government, wholesale and retail trade, personal and household goods, construction and engineering.

ISO 37001 is the world's first international standard containing an international model for building an effective anti-bribery system in an organization. Having received ISO 37001 certification, an organization can demonstrate to its customers, partners, authorities, investors and other interested parties a high level of ability to conduct business transparently, legally and in accordance with the best world practices..


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