It is imperative that people have access to affordable, efficient, reliable and durable cookstoves that meet the latest technology and standards. People need access to cookstoves that have been properly tested against known benchmarks, and ISO is committed to ensuring this benchmark.

Traditional open-fire stoves are responsible for much of the pollution that leads to the death of millions in developing countries. Safer options exist, and ISO is supporting technology that could ultimately make clean cookstoves a reality.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that 3.8 million people die prematurely each year from diseases caused by household air pollution from inefficient use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking. Globally, about 3 billion people cook and heat their homes and water using open fires or simple stoves, resulting in significant air pollution in households. These ineffective cooking methods have been found to lead to serious health problems such as pneumonia, heart disease and stroke.

Unfortunately, without significant policy changes, the number of people without access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking will remain largely unchanged. To this end, Technical Committee ISO / TC 285 promotes environmentally friendly and efficient cooking solutions with a focus on developing countries.


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