Uzbek Agency for
Technical Regulation


Fuqarolarning murojaati

Metrological Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of:

  • The National Metrological Service being the part of the Republic Center for rendering of the metrological services and territorial subdivisions.
  • Basic metrological services of Ministries and Departments (10 units)
  • Metrological Services of the juridical and natural persons  (252 units)

The technical basis of the national system of the united system of measurement is the national standard base, located in the Center of the National Standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan (CNS).

The Research Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (RISMC) is the head scientific and practical center.

Metrology Department carries out works coordination and general technical guidance in the field of the united system of measurement provision in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“Uzstandard” Agency according to the current legislation:

  • Provides working out and realization of the technical policy in the field of the united system of measurement provision;
  • Provides guidance for the National metrological service;
  • Provides guidance for the Service of the Standard Samples of the substances and materials’ Composition and Properties;
  • Maintains the State Register of the measuring instruments in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Performs coordination of the activity as well as scientific and methodical interaction with the metrological services of the other public authorities and foreign metrological services;
  • Exercises national metrological control and supervision.

The national metrological control and supervision shall apply to the:

  • Health care, veterinary, environment protection;
  • Record of the material valuables and energy resources;
  • Making of the trade and commercial, custom, mail and tax transactions, rendering of the telecommunication services;
  • Storage, transportation and destruction of the toxic, flammable, explosive and radioactive substances;
  • Provision of the state defense;
  • Provision of the labor and road safety;
  • Determination of the safety and quality of the certified products;
  • Geodesic and hydrometereological works;
  • Carrying out of the national testing, checking, calibration, repair and metrological certification of the measuring instruments ;
  • Mining operations;
  • Registration of the national and international sport records.